Consavari Birdeye Phoenix

Phoenix Design System

Scaling BirdEye Design for the Enterprise

When you’re moving fast, it can be difficult to take a step back and think in terms of systemized design. Beyond this, how can you systemize something that’s honestly still changing every day?

The challenge
With the exponential growth of BirdEye, we had let a lot of design debt build up for the product. One of the major problems we were facing was that a lot of pages, products, features, and components were not in sync with each other in terms of UI and UX. This happened because all these parts of the apps were designed at different times, by different designers having a different context, managed by different PMs, built by different engineers. There was no unifying design philosophy or principles to guide them.

The solution
Phoenix is more than a framework, UI toolkit or component library. It’s more than a style guide or set of code guidelines. It’s even more than the sum of those parts. Phoenix really is an evolving ruleset governing the composition of the BirdEye product.

My role

Partnering with senior executives to set strategy, approach and execution I was responsible for all design and implementation.


Bluejay (2019) vs Phoenix (2020)